So Long, Summer


After a gorgeous hot weekend in Winchester for a fabulous family wedding last Saturday, we returned to a suddenly much chillier Northumberland.

Apart from the predictable back-to-school heatwave we’ll probably get in September, autumn does seem to be on its way. And I’m not even ashamed to admit, I’m excited. There’s something about this time of year which feels much like a new start, more so than New Year, if you ask me.

It has been a slight blur this summer hols, interrupted by kitchen re-fit work, a trip to Scotland with my mum and dad, plus health lows and work highs. So I’m going to sip on Diet Coke and tell you all about the past few weeks.

We welcomed our six and a bit weeks break with said Scottish trip, exploring the Borders and having brilliant family fun; before returning home and getting back to pottering about.

Then disaster struck and I became poorly, with my amazing mum-in-law stepping in to have the kids in Yorkshire for a week. During this time, I battled the usual guilt and all that jazz, but also really relished some thinking space. Ultimately, I decided to put that guilt to one side and enjoy.

The endometriosis story is a long one, which I’ve spoken about before, yet this debilitating disease still attempts to permeate my life. Maybe I’ll write about it again soon in greater detail. Although, I have to say, an amazing blessing which comes with it is the support I’ve found and truly great endo sister friendships established.

I’ve also begun getting a bit more into fitness again, running being a bit part of my childhood and teenage life. Our parents were avid runners while we grew up, and family holidays usually incorporated a half marathon (for them) and fun run (for us three kids). Pounding the pavement after work the other day felt so good, and I’d forgotten that buzz running can bring. Watch this space, to see how I go.

We’re now on the last two days before school starts, meaning school uniform jobs and trying not to get too emotional. Our normal routine definitely works well, yet I can never escape that sadness when L and T do step into school as term begins.

I’m on countdown too to the Mr and I’s mini break over in Greece come October, so all winter cosiness may kick in post second honeymoon. Nah, who am I kidding? Those autumn candles and fluffy knits are calling my name quite loudly.

How’s your September looking so far?

P.s the grey knit featured was snapped up in M&S last week, for those who are fellow sleeve detail fans.



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