Autumn Boot Outings

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It’s suddenly feeling so autumnal, with boots season upon us again. Heading out for a walk today, we got caught in a downpour and quickly hurried home to get cosy. Have I mentioned that I love September?

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A firm favourite in our house, this week Chatham Footwear sent over a pair of their new Milton Desert Boots in Dark Brown (£69) for my Mr. Gorgeous leather boots, they are available in both tan and dark brown. Featuring contrasting stitch detail and a pull tab, the boots have a robust rubber sole.

The first thing C mentioned when he tried the Milton Desert Boots on was how comfy they are. This is mainly due to the inclusion of memory foam within the insole. Perfect for long walks, and Daddy piggy backs.

Not sure if I’ve disclosed this before, but I always judge a man by his shoes. The wrong ones can make you cringe, am I right? These Chatham beauties absolutely pass that test, with the stylish toe shape standing out for me too.

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The brand’s country footwear continuously nails solid shoes that hit the style notes, while also being extremely kind to feet.

We headed out on a walk with friends last weekend, an outing which started off as short stroll. However, due to two husbands in charge of map reading, our families ended up completing a 4.7 mile circuit (the .7 is very important), armed with only a handful of party ring biscuits and two adult waterproofs. Cue rain, sunshine, giggles and small children wearing oversized cagoules. My feet were mega comfy though, because I’d donned last year’s leather Chatham riding boots. Score.

Speaking of which, watch out for some women’s Chatham boots hitting the blog soon, as I style up a pair myself.

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Disclaimer: Chatham Milton Desert Boots featured gifted to us by Chatham Footwear. Husband my own.

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