Barbie DreamHorse Toy Review

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Brand new from Mattel is their Barbie DreamHorse, an amazing toy which my little ones received for review last week.

Complete with over 30 incredible features, these include some very groovy dancing to three different tunes, the horse nuzzling a bunch of carrots and it both walking and turning 360 degrees. Needless to say, we (me included) have had some fun testing out the DreamHorse this weekend.

Retailing at £89.99, it is a brilliant Christmas gift idea and would absolutely go down a storm. I know, I know, we’re barely into October, but getting organised can take the edge off seasonal stress a bit. I’ve already started stashing bits away.

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Arriving in a large box with cardboard inserts to keep the DreamHorse in place, my two then took these little extras and used them as a stable. They’ve named the horse Bob (I did have to suppress a giggle there) and have been dutifully caring for their new pet.

The little carrots are a cute touch and definitely encourage further interaction, which I think Mattel toys are always great for. A sturdy and robust product, there is also a Barbie included, in her full horse riding gear. With an integral waist clip, you can attach Barbs to the horse easily.

From brushing the horse’s mane to making up games, they have honestly played with their new toy non-stop since we unboxed it on Saturday. We’ve even had to let them take it in turns as to who looks after the DreamHorse overnight. At five and eight, my minis are the ideal ages for this toy, and have had hours of entertainment.

Plus, I know for a fact that the next time my sister comes to stay, we’ll be pinching their horse to reenact our own childhood games. But the question is, Sal, whose bedroom will Bob sleep in?

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The Barbie DreamHorse featured was gifted to us for the purpose of this review. 

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