Getting Away From It All


The Mr and I went on a gorgeous Greek getaway last weekend, which was frankly divine. For a review post soon to be published on StyleNest, we stayed at the truly stunning Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort near Halkidiki.

It was wonderful to snatch three whole days together, away from everyday worries and responsibilities. That precious time has left me on a high, remembering our own private escape ever since.

In the photo above, I had tentatively shuffled between two swimming pools and miraculously, didn’t fall in. Carefree giggles were the order of the day, and I think sometimes we can forget how damn invigorating that is.

I did miss the kids and our reunion meant lots of snuggles and happy squeezes. Yet, we needed this break, and I emerged feeling so much more like me again. It was like I could open my eyes to the wider world around, away from school pickups, work and day-to-day tasks.


Prosecco for breakfast? A cocktail at 9.53am? Jumping into an ice cold plunge pool? Count me in for all of this and more.

It had been several years since I’d ventured abroad, due to babies, life and all that jazz. And to be honest, in this gap, a fear of flying had emerged. The doctor offered a prescription to ease the anxiety, which I gratefully grabbed, but still the panic lingered.

On the flight over, due to a ridiculously early start, the drugs knocked me out and I slept. Then on our way home, I chatted to a lovely Greek girl while queuing, which began to distract me. Once seated, Chris and I swapped so two kids could be next to their dad, meaning more good conversation.

In the meantime, I held a baby while a mother travelling alone made herself comfortable. Then a little later, myself and a lady in the next seat got talking and actually didn’t stop until customs. Her son turned out to have the same name as ours, and he happily switched between seats while we played peekaboo with the dad and kids behind. It was all so brilliant and reminded me just how much I love people. We laughed, talked and passed the flight with shared words.

And now I’m back, refreshed, raring to go and rocking the power of kindness, positivity and fabulous fun once again.




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