Mother Nose Best


A couple of weeks ago, Mr T reached out of his cabin bed during story time and accidentally head-butted me. The result of which was a broken nose and the most ridiculous thing is, this has happened before.

Last time, post nose break in 2014, our elderly neighbour did ask if I’d called social services. I’m not sure that’s how it works, is it?

Luckily, he was absolutely fine and let’s face it, this is all I care about. Stumbling about with a serious head and nose ache for a few days, I then went to the doc who confirmed my nasal fracture. The whacking great pain has been so huge it also resulted in an ambulance trip, hospital stay and lack of blogging for a bit. Trust me, the concussed brain caused nonsensical ramblings in life, let alone online.

Manipulation done (I’ll spare you the details), I’m now resting up and on the road to recovery. Self-care mode in full swing, it is PJs and candles all the way. Plus a decent dose of chocolate.

Weirdly, before this happened, I’d felt frazzled and was rushing around like a lunatic. That’s not entirely rare, yet these accidental setbacks do cause enforced rest and time for a little reflection.

My main musings have been- I like Fry’s Peppermint Cream for breakfast; you can never have too many cardigans; painted toenails keep me sane, and a few other pointless thoughts. There’s still time for a philosophical gem or two to land in this muddled head though.

Of course, chilling out can be tricky when juggling kids (I have two, one in each arm), but I am trying. Even putting joggers on at the end of a busy day or lighting a candle can bring five minutes of “aaaaaah”.

Since said injury, all the fragrances I can actually detect at the moment are Jo Malone. Which with Christmas coming, is clearly a terrible shame.


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