Autumn Walks and Chelsea Boots

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Autumn weekends are made for countryside walks and stomping in leaves galore. Pulling on some trusty Gap classics, I then accessorized with gorgeous brand new gifted boots and a classic Marc Jacobs bag almost as old as L.

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These Chatham Women’s Rachel tan suede Chelsea boots are robust beauties, complete with contrasting burgundy red panel.

Letting the kids run wild, I did a bit of posing/ prancing around to get these shots, before heading off for some family fun.

When life gets a bit hectic and the phones seem even more attached to our faces and hands than usual, I like to switch off completely and leave them at home. Being present is a big priority on the weekend, whilst snatching some precious time together.

Chatham Chelsea 2.JPG

That said, there’ll always be time spent scrolling through Instagram and flinging texts at my friends. I can’t promise digital detox perfection.

It feels like the cold weather has suddenly arrived and I’ll be styling these boots up with jumper dresses, my leopard coat and other winter favourites over the coming months. I’ve already got L asking if she can have them when her feet are big enough.

When that time comes, I’m thinking a lock on my wardrobe is going to be necessary. Either that, or I won’t have a stitch to wear.

Chatham Chelsea 3.JPG

Flat ankle boots are a style staple, and the Rachel Chelsea boots are also available in navy suede brown leather. The leather sole makes for signature Chatham comfort, and it’s no secret that my Mr and I are huge fans of this British brand.

Looks like the kids will be following in our footsteps soon too.

Disclaimer: The featured Rachel Chelsea boots were gifted to me by Chatham Footwear. Leaves not my own. 

Find out more about this stylish pair and others too, over at

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