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Hands up who heads straight to their dressing gown/ PJs / cosy socks as soon as they get in the door? That would definitely be me, and by this I mean donning all of the above.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Aldi, so when they sent over a gorgeous mens’ and womens’ dressing gown for me and the Mr last week, plus scarf and hot water bottle, I was super keen to explore their latest SpecialBuys.

Combining a Mens’ and Ladies’ Winter range plus Winter Warmers for all of the family, these went on sale from 2nd November and 5th November respectively.

I do find myself drawn to those lucky dip middle aisles when shopping and am always surprised by what I find. From kids’ birthday presents to unexpected home buys and more, it is always worth delving in while doing a supermarket haul.

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Standout picks within their latest lines include: Ladies Snuggle Wrap (£9.99); Christmas Hot Water Bottle (£3.99) in a variety of Nordic patterns; Mens’ and Ladies’ Dressing Gowns (£9.99), Sherpa Fleece (£14.99) and Infant Fleece Suit (£9.99).

The kids love to nick my dressing gowns and wrap themselves up in them come bedtime. Last night Mr T was even complaining I hadn’t left one out for him, and insisted on me wrapping him up in my cosies.

I literally have to have three dressing gowns- one for each child and one which I can wear on an evening. The Aldi newbies are grey for him and a pale pink for me, and they are honestly so unbelievably cosy. However, I’m thinking I may have to hide mine.

Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this post were gifted to us. No pic of me in PJs neccessary.

See more from Aldi Specialbuys at your local store or online

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