Frezyderm Mild Skincare Selection


I recently came across a skincare brand which specialises in mild and senstive buys, as well as kids’ products too. Step forward, Frezyderm.

Frezyderm kindly got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some products, including Mild Wash Liquid (£9.99); Moisturizing Plus Cream (£19.50); Sensitive Kids Styling Gel (£6.50) and Sensitive Kids Magic Spray (£6.99).

With a little one whose hair is tangle-tastic, I’ve got to tell you the Sensitive Kids Magic Spray has worked wonders. I keep that and the Sensitive Kids Styling Gel by the side of our bath, using this miraculous spray post-hair wash.

As a dude who likes to style it up alongside Daddy, the styling gel is natural and gentle. Kids’ products which are kind and softening can be hard to find, so extra kudos absolutely goes to Frezyderm.


Onto my goodies now, and the subject of both sensitive and highly fussy skin. Generally speaking, I can struggle to find a moisturiser and face wash to suit, with breakouts being the symptom of routine changes. Even some of the big name brands are no good.

It was refreshing to grab a mild and gentle face wash, covering the body too. Completely free of soap, parabens, fragrance and colour, Frezyderm’s Mild Wash Liquid leaves you with squeaky clean skin that feels moisturised as well.

I slathered the Moisturizing Plus Cream across my face and into the neck and decolletage. Boasting a blend of not one or two, but three types of hylauronic acids, it plumps and lifts. An ideal anti-ageing option or simply a decent drink for thirsty skin, this too is mild.

Working to reduce those pesky fine lines, it comprises a clever formula increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

Whether in need of some new skincare or searching for gentle skin picks, I’d definitely recommend checking out Frezyderm.

Disclaimer: Each of the Frezyderm products featured were gifted to us. All tricky skin my own.

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