Mimi Holliday 2

I’ve got a controversial confession to make. And with festive season looming, it may be a weird one. Or just really well timed if you feel the same.

There’s a phrase often thrown about when referring to the Instagram generation- FOMO. AKA, fear of missing out. I have the opposite, another saying coined by social media- JOMO, as in joy of missing out.

Much as a party night can be appealing on occasion, I can’t think anything could tempt more than PJs and cosy time. It may make me boring, but I feel my safest and most content within the snuggly confines of doing exactly what I fancy.

There are two events coming up in December which I’m excited for, and have outfits sorted, ready to dance the night away. But if something were to happen, I’d probably be equally happy doing my own thing.

Getting older has taught me the power of saying no, when “I’d love to come but just don’t want to” would ultimately sound a little too rude.

So if something doesn’t appeal, we need to stop nodding along and privately worrying about finances/ tiredness/ lack of interest and just politely refuse.

Then when those occasions summoning up a greater urge arise, whether that is wine with pals or a wild night out, you will enjoy those all the more.

Equally, if you have other plans, don’t apologise for turning something down. I’ve often felt guilty saying no, which is ridiculous, when you simply can’t make something.

Who else is queuing up alongside me for a JOMO Christmas jumper? Here’s to not going along with an outing purely for the sake of it.

I literally couldn’t care less where I am or who the company is, as long as I want to be there in the first place.

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