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So here’s the thing, I’m currently slightly confused. Case in point, telling my husband I was feeling super excited about our new geographic wallpaper (I meant to say geometric).

Since Mr T did an accidental nose breaking headbutt five weeks ago (see Mother Nose Best post for more info), the initial concussion has turned into something called post concussion syndrome. This basically means a whacking great headache plus word scrambling and general confusion. In short, it is a challenge.

Head injury is a funny old thing, as am I it seems at the moment. I told Mr B I wanted high waisted sparkly boots yesterday, referring to a pair of sequinned Topshop knee highs. Although high waisted glittery boots do sound epic.

I’d tell you other mistakes I’ve made, but the problem is, I just can’t remember. To be honest, I texted Mr B for the boot reference.

And there have been comedic moments. Last night before bed L started to say something and then changed her sentence, before chuckling “ooh I’m getting mixed up, just like Mummy”.

It just goes to show what we take for granted, and the ability to match my brain and mouth appears to have been one of them.

I apologised for my stumbling words in Sainsbo’s a couple of days ago, explaining my five year old basically broke my head. Think that attracted an even weirder look than their initial amusement. I’ll mebs say nothing and act cool next time.

I promise that I’m even more grateful for other abilities, and treating myself to early Christmas treats in the process. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I hope this takes a long walk off a short cliff soon.

Until then, the excuse for even more cosy nights is excellent. Makeup off, feet up and breathe. Pure heaven.


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