You Are Not Alone

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Repeat after me: you are not alone. Sing along, Michael Jackson-stylee even. No-one’s judging here. Be it grief, illness or something like a hormonal overload (my problem this week), don’t ever fight on without an awareness that you can reach out should this help.

From my own struggles, I’ve learnt the power of speaking up and that definitely still stands. Case in point…

There’s been a tip in my hormone scales lately, leaving a ton of tearful outbursts and some days where an emotional ache has plagued me. Thanks to endo stuff, too much oestrogen has meant other side effects, unwelcome ones I may add.

Throughout all this, my lipstick game has remained strong (most days), acting as the faithful body armour I need. I may feel like an absolute sack of potatoes underneath, and muddy ones at that, but the knowledge I’ve slicked a colourful pout on remains my faithful cheerleader.

I’m sometimes hesitant to speak up about less than fluffy situations for fear of sounding like a negative Nigel, but life is not all sparkles and sunshine, and surely it makes us feel better to share?

An Instagram post today has proved that others are in this with me, and there’s a few frankly amazing endo warriors who I chat with on a regular basis. One who has inspired me beyond belief is my friend Georgie Wileman.

Georgie’s incredible “Endometriosis” photograph is currently displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, as part of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. Creating a series of self portraits, she has illustrated with both breathtaking and heartbreaking precision the dramatic impact of a truly horrific disease.

Find out more over on this Forbes article, and excuse me while I beam with pride.

So speak up and grab some attention, or preserve yourself in the way you see fit. I personally prescribe a decent dose of TLC as and when is required.

This for me includes new PJs, a bubble bath, freshly washed sheets, and of course, the aforementioned lipstick.


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