False Starts Ahead of Feb

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Depressing time of year? Check. Yet… exciting plans ahead? Check.

This month has been a bit of a false start, thanks to an unrelenting bout of pleurisy. Apologies for the silence, I’ve been rather seductively snuggled up with bird’s nest hair and 27 layers.

However, it has served as both a warning for how overdoing things can spiral and made me plan fun stuff to look forward to.

I felt burnt out before Christmas, but didn’t listen to my body and now self kindness is firmly topping the priority list. As busy people, I think self care slips towards the bottom of our pile, so simple ways to cherish our precious selves needs to take precedent.

Not wanting to wish time away, I do think February could be a better month all round. I have two treat trips away planned, plus spring is edging a little closer.

In the meantime, just yesterday I submitted my judging sheet for The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018. The standards have been brilliantly high and I’m thrilled to be on board their judging panel.

From skincare to bath products, makeup and more, myself and fellow beauty industry judges around the globe have worked our way through plentiful beauty products and recorded results and thoughts in detail.

As you may know, beauty products have long since been my passion, and this was a dream come true. Think Simon Cowell, but with lower waisted trousers. Actually, scrap that, I’d much rather be Chezza.

I’ve also just confirmed my place as their judge on The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2018, so will update you on that one also.

Fiona who created The Beauty Shortlist has supported my blog journey from the beginning, and it is absolutely incredible working with her- such a privilege.

Chatting to brands, both big and small, the resounding feedback I get is that The Beauty Shortlist triumphs as a place for genuine, truthful and insightful beauty information. Do check the site out if you haven’t come across it before.

Back to today, which will see more recovery and a gentle reminder to all- please look after yourself first and foremost. All non essential jobs can wait if you need them to.

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