Lumity Anti-Ageing Supplement & Facial Oil

Three months ago the lovely team at Lumity popped me some of their anti-ageing supplement morning and night duo plus brand new facial oil in the post. With beauty boosts always an important find for general wellbeing and currently, winter survival, I was super excited to try this anti-ageing supplement buy.

At the time, I was struggling with thin hair thanks to endometriosis-related hormone drugs and felt anxious it may even be incapable of growing back. After having the babies I experienced similar, and I remember how awful the panic was. Honestly, I was having a hair crisis.

Billed as an anti-ageing supplement with maximum benefits, I’d heard amazing things across the press and social media. Presented in chic bottles which are ideally kept on your bedside table (so you don’t forget to take them), there is one for morning and another for evening.

Well stocked with a three month dose, I’ve got to tell you, I actually noticed a difference within a matter of weeks.

All of a sudden, my hair seemed to thicken right up and appear much healthier. As someone so conscious of their ‘do before, I was amazed by the difference.

Free from gluten, dairy, wheat, artificial colours and general nasties, Lumity’s two-step formula supports a healthy immune system and promotes strong hair, skin and nails, whilst also assisting with metabolism and the prevention of oxidative stress.

In addition to my hair miracle, I’ve noticed I feel calmer when winding down for bed and can absolutely link this with the Lumity too. Not forgetting my nails, currently growing at a rate of knots.

To be totally transparent, the Lumity anti-ageing supplement duo is a considered purchase. However, it enables efficient results that have truly rescued my hair. If you’ve just had a baby or are struggling with thin hair and nails or troublesome skin in general, I’d seriously suggest investigating Lumity.

I am nothing short of ecstatic with the results, and wouldn’t say that lightly.

As mentioned, their facial oil is a newbie. This relaxing skincare solution is ideal for popping on morning and night, which I’ve done alongside taking the food supplements.

Light and gentle, my skin has felt nourished and hydrated without an excess greasiness. Plumping and revitalising, it is a beauty boost.

Which is how I think Lumity can be described best, a brand created solely with your beauty and wellbeing in mind.

Disclaimer: the above Lumity anti-ageing supplement magic wand duo and facial oil were sent to me as a gift. All thoughts and uncooperative hair my own.

A 4 week dose single purchase is priced at £90, or you can subscribe for £76.50 per month. 

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