Self Love Matters More Than Anything Else

Today is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Whatever this means to you, instead of a soppy post, I’m going to say self love is what matters most. Last year, I wrote a love letter to lipstick, because a decent pop of lippy just makes me feel good.

As well as writing about a February re-boost for luxe body and home fragrance brand Ancienne Ambiance recently, rounding up my favourite self love and wellbeing tips, here are some more things I like doing for lifting body and mind:

Painting my toenails

Even in the depths of winter, having painted toenails never fails. And yes, nobody sees them, but I think that’s why it is such an act of self love, because a pedi makes me and only me happy.

The ritual of taking time to file and paint toes also feels worth the effort, as let’s face it, painted toes last for simply ages.

Following a bath and even a face mask, foot cream if I’m feeling particularly fancy, I choose the colour best suited to my mood. Slicking on the varnish instantly elevates, and I feel in control and more polished. Excuse the pun, just seemed the best word.


Whether already feeling happy/ sad/ frustrated/ all zen, a walk seems to calm me no end. I stomp out frustrations, soak up happy moments or just take the time for no thinking at all.

Walking along the sand at our local beach is my absolute favourite, as hearing the soothing waves swish is an ideal cherry on the top.

Plus, going home to a warming bath is even more rewarding. Candles and/or wine also optional (read: essential).

Discovering new makeup 

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m a big fan of all things beauty-related. Much like the painted toenails, this is something I do for me, nobody else.

A sleek new eyeshadow or recent lipstick purchase offers a little lift and sometimes even that body armour needed to face the day.

Escaping with a book

8pm bedtime? Check. Fresh bedding and PJs? Check. Maybe even a new pair of aforementioned nightwear? Check.

Embracing an excuse for solitude and even escape, grab an unread book and immerse yourself in that duvet. I can even feel the calming sigh of relief from here.

Switching your phone off and tucking it up downstairs, ignore everyone and everything other than the characters in a book.

Although the list isn’t groundbreaking or exhaustive, taking time for a moment or two to you is crucial for that vital sense of self and emotional wellbeing too.

Do any of the above and then repeat on a daily basis- I LOVE ME.

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