Brand New Puppy Mama

I may have written about self love last week, but there is now a brand new puppy baby occupying a huge chunk of my heart. Our first dog, we brought 12 week old Sprocker pup Ziggy home on Sunday and the entire family are officially smitten.

We’ve only had him for a couple of days, but I already feel calmer and less stress-y, chilled out and just the most un- uptight I’ve ever been. He truly is a therapeutic new puppy gem.

Yes there’s been a few messy moments, and I’m certain these will last for a little while longer. A routine will be hard to establish, and the next six months certainly spell out hard work. But the way Ziggy already makes me feel shows it will all be worth it. Plus, the kids haven’t asked for their iPads at all since he came home. Bonus.

Excuse me if I do go all new puppy mad on you, and dog posts pop up aplenty. We’ve had friends visiting for cuddles like when you bring a human baby home. Minus the birth trauma and stitch agony obvs, which is an excellent perk.

When one pal came to see him on Monday, she was so in love, T bought his brother that evening. So we have Zigs’ sibling just down the hill. So exciting. I can’t wait for his vaccinations to be complete and lovely walks. Both the Northumberland coast and hills are calling.

Having never had a dog before, I’m not sure I ever truly bought into the talk of their therapy powers, but I can’t emphasis enough what a difference Ziggy has already made. Working from home helps, as I can get him settled. Although writing with a cute pooch to occupy me is a bit tricky. Wish me luck.

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