Mother’s Day Presence

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 11th March, just around the corner. The media is always awash with various Mother’s Day present ideas for weeks running up to it, and treats will of course never be turned away. Especially a FMLY store top.

Yet to me, the importance of just being together or cherishing a much loved presence within your family far outweighs any kind of gift. I may be tooting my own horn a bit there, but honestly a snug with my kids is all I want this Mother’s Day. Perhaps a hot cup of coffee too.

Mums come in all forms, from the mama you grew up with to a step mum, mum-in-law or maybe just a maternal figure of great significance. A mother can build you up, offer a platform for empowerment and cocoon you in their own special love.

I think with all the demands of life, work, relationships and just surviving the day-to-day, being present is something I battle with. So this Mother’s Day I really want to focus on giving my mum time. It may not be on the day itself, but moving forward and the more life I conquer, this notion becomes an increasingly precious gesture.

And also something which I of course get so much out of too. I value my mum to the moon and back, and am aware how painful a day this can be for those who’ve experienced bereavement, whether in their own motherhood journey or from losing a parent.

So many women around me in lots of different roles provide inspiration and a day to call that out is absolutely incredible. Never get sucked into the abyss of obligatory expense though, and let’s join together to champion mums everywhere.

And kids, I definitely won’t turn down a present if you have actually got me one. Just saying.

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