March Skincare Favourites

March here and hopefully spring on its way too, I wanted to tell you about my current skincare favourites. Covering two brands which I’ve been using a lot lately, A’Kin and REN, these finds are definitely there to explore if you haven’t already.

First up is A’Kin, a gorgeous natural skincare brand free from nasties such as sulphates and parabens. Super gentle skincare, I was sent their Revitalising Cellular Radiance Serum (£26), Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner (£19) and Rose de Mai Antioxidant Facial Day Creme (£24).

All of the products beautifully packaged, I love A’Kin’s simple and stylish branding. The skincare goodies smell divine and are both softening and kind. For a brightening boost, the Revitalising Cellular Radiance Serum is ideal under makeup, while the Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser washes the day away with ease.

As a daily staple, the Rose de Mai Antioxidant Facial Day Creme is the perfect moisturiser consistency, gliding onto skin and easily absorbed as well.

If you have sensitive skin and/or are on the lookout for a natural brand, Australian A’Kin is calling your name.

Focusing on slightly different skincare concerns, the REN radiance range is a potent complex which leaves your skin feeling completely squeaky clean. Amongst the products I love within this collection are their new Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic (£25) and Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial (£34).

Boasting a beautiful and intoxicating citrus scent, these bottles of magic exfoliate and brighten. If I’m having a breakout or tricky skin week, they are basically my fall back plan. Also the tonic is nifty as it’s a pump action toner which you press down on with a cotton wool pad, meaning zero spill.

Never failing to leave me with refreshed skin the following morning, apply the overnight boost under moisturiser and awake to revitalisation galore.

That’s the skincare sorted, now onto my spring wardrobe…

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