Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness By Shiva Rose

A beauty fanatic, I was absolutely thrilled to receive my preview copy of the brand new Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness (published by Artisan Books, £21.99) by Shiva Rose.

As someone with a chronic health condition, I’m passionate about both emotional and physical wellbeing, and of course beauty too.

Beautifully presented and a complete joy to flick through, there is so much to explore. Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness addresses lifestyle alterations to help with ongoing health and beauty concerns.

Covering multiple beauty topics, Shiva Rose shares her passion for all things natural, as the founder of her own non-toxic, all natural skincare products. Shiva also created The Local Rose, an online holistic beauty destination. Within this new book, discover ways to create your own beauty remedies, using natural ingredients.

Becoming an influential presence in the natural beauty industry, Hollywood actress Shiva Rose began her journey after the diagnosis of a very serious autoimmune disease. She then went on to explore Ayurvedic medicine, Kundalini yoga and source botanicals from her own garden.

Chapters within the book include:

  • My Whole Beauty Practices
  • Making Space & Time for Daily Rituals
  • Kundalini & Mindfulness Practices
  • Ayurvedic Practices
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Herbs, Tonics & Beauty Foods
  • Essential Oils

Looking at general practices to improve our daily wellbeing, Shiva Rose explains the principles of Kundalini and Ayurveda too. A simple starting point if you’re interested in investing your energies in natural whole beauty and wellbeing, I love how accessible this book is.

Illustrated by artful images and gorgeous pictures, you can also find out more about Chakras, which I’m really intrigued by. From dry skin brushing to homemade beauty products, essential oils and more, this chic book will elevate your spirit and ensure you have significant natural food for thought.

This beautiful book was gifted to me for the purpose of this review.


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