Self Belief: The Power of You

Recently I stepped away from social media for a few days to recover from a health flare-up and it also helped me seek a little self belief boost. Because as incredible as Instagram and the like have been for me, my blog and ultimately, my career; sometimes it’s good to step back and be present in real time.

Social media can breed issues associated with comparison, as images that may or may not have been edited can make you look at your own life in a different light. I think that’s fine, if you’ve got the perspective to be happy in your own being and have that self belief, but if you’re lacking resilience it can cause problems.

I do worry about my kids’ generation, with phones everywhere and that intense pressure it all must bring. We were able to shut the door on problems at school, yet now children can’t escape them.

When people compare their lives to others, alongside talents, accomplishments and more,  it’s easy to forget that the biggest and most powerful tool we have is ourselves. That is our USP, and that is what we need to harness.

For me, I know I’ll never create a glossy picture-perfect Instagram, and I personally like that fact as my pictures reflect what’s happening. Yes I will add extra sparkle with filters and posh makeup, but essentially, my words don’t mess about with glossing over anything. And that’s because I know that I can compare myself to others for an eternity, yet in actual fact, no-one will ever be me.

Stepping off the social media treadmill enabled a little breathing space to recover from an illness, and also recharged my batteries for online life. I hope that by the time my daughter and son have phones, they can learn the importance of switching off too.


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