Arrow Tattoo

So far, this year has brought big change, from us getting the puppy to sharing my full health story. I feel like I’ve embraced the uncertain and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and last week, took this one step further.

After thinking about it for a while, I booked an appointment and got my first tattoo. Choosing an arrow, this to me symbolises the importance of moving forward. It is obviously a personal choice, and not for everyone, but I wanted a daily reminder to keep going.

I’ve experienced a lot of health struggles and these moments have brought home how vital it is to keep digging deep. Some things can be so hard to endure, and since getting the tattoo, it has already brought me hope. Glancing down at the arrow simply makes me smile.

This was an act that felt carefree, and although clearly a considered decision as the tattoo will be there forever, I was grabbing life and doing something for me. Whatever makes you feel like this, I’d heartily recommend embracing something similar.

I’ve been reading a book by Meera Lee Patel which fits perfectly with this theme, and has been something of a catalyst. My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown is a beautifully illustrated book covering how fear can actually propel you forward. As a freelance, self-employed writer, I believe in the importance of channelling doubt into determination, and My Friend Fear explores very similar thoughts.

Empowering and positive, I keep the book on my bedroom bookshelf, and just glancing at it instils a feeling of inspiration. And now the arrow does similar, as I continue pushing forward and chasing dreams, following my own path.

How do you gather daily strength?


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