Owning Your Story

As much as it can sometimes make me a little wary, I’ve talked a lot about my health journey. Whether I feel cringe-y about that or not, it’s becoming more and more clear that owning your story is so important. From health¬†to relationships, personal issues and other struggles, our lows shape us as much as the highs.

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, following different women and their stories and those I appreciate most are the ones who are honest. Owning your story makes for a more identifiable person and really it’s this insight which makes us feel in it together.

We all love a bit of escapism, (side note: OMG Love Island), but reality is good too. The nitty gritty of life’s challenges enables us to grow and also, be damn proud of ourselves for conquering the crap.

I’m known for wearing my heart on my sleeve, and honestly I just can’t help it. So instead of being embarrassed about that, I’ll embrace this open trait. In the words of The Greatest Showman, and I’ll spare you my singing, this is me.

I’ll never be the cool, collected one, instead very much a stumbling through kinda gal. And although this wasn’t great in high school, now I appreciate my merits. That then means I care less about sharing the story I’ve encountered so far, and hopefully help others in the process.

My story involves batting off chronic health struggles and this in turn shaping the writing career I’ve managed to carve. That’s a book of events which contains weakness and strength, and whether I talk about it or not, both bad and good stuff has happened. So I’m owning my story and turning negatives into positive. Plus, a bit of soul sharing is always therapeutic too.

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