Finding Your Groove

I’ve talked about self belief before and to be honest, it is a constant learning curve. Books such as My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown  have really inspired me this year, propelling my journey forward. Finding your groove sounds such a basic thing, but it’s also an extremely powerful notion.

When I first started blogging years ago, I was a writer already but didn’t know what to cover on my own site. I had literally no idea which subjects would be of interest or even how to frame them. Beginning with the baby angle as I had two tiny tots at the time, my beauty writing work grew and to be honest, that became a lot more me.

Then this year, I decided to pop the mum blogging to one side, and focus on my passion- beauty posts and sharing little life snippets. In terms of finding your groove, I really do believe in trusting the timing of your life.

I remember juggling a baby and toddler, frustrated that things weren’t taking off for me in the way I wanted. I was quite poorly at the time with endometriosis, crippled by daily pain, so in actual fact- a ton of work landing in my inbox wouldn’t have been ideal at all.

Fast forward a few years and I’m a million times better than I was, the kids are at school and after fighting hard to gain them, those work commissions are there. If I could go back to the exhausted, unwell me of 6 years ago, I’d tell her to hang in there and go with the flow a bit more.

So if finding your groove doesn’t seem to be happening easily, take a breath and remind yourself it will come. With determination, hard work and mostly channelling a positive train of thought,  I feel like I’ve finally stumbled across mine.

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