Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

I’ve recently been bringing new meaning to the term beauty sleep, and focusing on skin and haircare while I snooze. Trialling the Slip Silk Pillowcase (£79) , I’d heard about this wonder and wanted to find out more. Making for a deluxe nighttime routine, the Slip Silk Pillowcase works on hydrating your skin and hair as you sleep, with the fibres retaining moisture.

My first thought was how soft the pillowcase is, and I basically sank into it with an accompanying “aaaaaaah”. You can almost feel how much good this beauty will do before you even get started. Made from the highest grade mulberry silk, the pillowcase is a luxurious buy. Unless I stay up to watch Love Island, generally speaking I’m in bed pretty early for reading and relaxing. And now, I’m even more tempted to get tucked up.

Available in a few different colours, these include: white like mine, pink, caramel, charcoal, black, navy, gold, peach, silver, red, violet and there are a couple of patterned options too. Ideal for matching in with your colour scheme, it’s nice to know there’s a variety to choose between.

I’m told that dermatologists can tell which side you sleep on, just by looking at your face. Cotton actually drags against facial skin, causing wrinkling and stretching. Plus, bedhead… nobody needs their blow-dry destroyed by a pillowcase.

So after a month of this silky pillowcase wonder, I can tell you that it’s well worth snapping up. I’m definitely seeing smoother locks and skin. Also, the pillowcase stays cool, providing lovely relief in the night, if like me you overheat.

Forget pillowcase friction, frizzy bedhead hair and a crease line across your face- by embracing some soft silk I’d say you’ll be able to feel the difference. It’s now my travel buddy too. Is it bedtime yet?

Disclaimer: this beauty was gifted to me for the purpose of this review. I really want to snooze. 

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