September Skincare

The air is feeling a bit cooler and cosy evenings are calling, so I’ve been focusing on some September skincare newbies. From serum to moisturiser, body wash and more, look no further for my current favourites. The Overnight Reset Serum (£49) is brand new from L’Occitane this month, so is a good place to start.

Soothing and nourishing, the serum is an innovative September skincare buy which works overnight to refresh your skin. Comprising three main ingredients, it boasts natural antioxidants such as: acmella oleacera extract, marjoram extract and Immortelle essential oil. Protecting against the elements and daily stress, that ritual of applying it to the skin instantly calms you too.

I’ve been using it alongside L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream (£78). This deluxe combination has overhauled my skin pre makeup in the morning and also offered a relaxing evening routine. Complete with the aforementioned Immortelle essential oil, it is a rich cream which has supercharged my complexion. Plus, these beauty pots are absolutely stunning on your dressing table.

Next up is some Bioderma beauties, and these are: Atoderm Shower Oil (£8.80), Hydrablio Cream (£15.50) and Sensibio H20 (£10.80). My eyes are so sensitive, and almost all makeup removers irritate them badly. Sensibio H20 invites light relief and gently removes my makeup and brightens eyes. Soothing and softening, this is one welcome addition to my end-of-day duties.

Attacking the day with Atoderm Shower Oil brings a gorgeously indulgent product to morning proceedings. Hydrating and cleansing, you feel refreshed and ready for the day.

I’ve tried a few face creams recently and in my 30s I seem to be increasingly fussy. I adore the L’Occitane cream above and joining it in my essentials drawer is Bioderma Hydrablio. Perfect if you’re looking at different price points too, this daily cream left my skin feeling beautifully soft to the touch all day. I *may have been stroking my cheek in the car at school pick-up time.

ESPA is an all time must of mine, with a few products topping the list. Their Overnight Hydration Therapy (£37) never fails to overhaul my tired face or soothe me to sleep. I inhale the balmy mask in my hands first, becoming calmer instantly. Next, it gets slathered across my face and neck, before taking a few deep breaths and sinking into bed. I wake up in the morning with skin which has been hydrated by the mask and is ready for action, whatever challenges lie ahead. It is my desert island beauty product.

Optimal Skin ProSerum (£51) gives you a shot of potent nourishment, brightening skin and providing a luminous finish. Beautiful on bare skin, I’ve also been dabbing a little on top of makeup as a natural highlighter and it works a treat. If you’re in need of a pre-winter multi-tasker ESPA Skin Rescue Balm (£29) is the buy for you. Pop some balm on dry patches or use to treat chapped lips, enjoying its rich nourishment. A little bit goes a long way, and this one will be your handbag best pal during cold weather.

Finally, for achy muscles and evenings in need of complete self-care- I always look to Muscle Rescue Balm (£30). Whenever I have aches and pains, I apply this balm and it is an actual magic wand. Soothing, reviving and a complete miracle worker, it is far superior to anti-inflammatory topical gels.

Refresh skin, body and mind, getting your skincare regime set for autumn/winter and beyond.

All of the above were gifted to me as beauty samples- tricky skincare complaints my own.

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