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The thought of picking a desert island beauty essential always seemed a bit of an impossible enigma to me, as I have so many hero products suiting a whole host of skincare concerns. Yet since discovering Lumity products, I have simplified things substantially. Their Facial Oil for example is a one-size-fits-all skincare magic wand, and I even use it on my hair and cuticles too.

Light enough so as you don’t swap your face with grease (hello previous face oils I’ve tried), it instead nourishes and re-balances, bringing much needed hydration. To be totally honest with you, I have sensitive skin which doesn’t always take kindly to trying new things. Face oils and serums prove the trickiest, yet I have been on the hunt for a hydrating boost. Therein lies the beauty task which I’ve found hard to tackle.

We went away over the summer to nearby Holy Island in Northumberland, enjoying a peaceful retreat and as such, I wanted to be makeup free where possible and make zero effort with my hair. I had visions of being a laid-back ehtereal mermaid, when in fact windswept and sweatshirt-clad was more the look.

Already a staple by this point, I used Lumity Facial Oil (£60) the entire week, on both my summer skin pre-makeup and in the evening, as well as to blow-dry and pep-up my hair. Smelling deliciously soothing, it is packed with essential oils and nutrients, and frankly you can tell.

While it is an indulgent skincare buy for the purse, I can tell you that Lumity Facial Oil lasts absolutely ages and is one of the rare products which I drain right down to the last drop. If you subscribe to their products, the price goes down to £48, which is worth checking out.

Using the oil alongside their morning and night supplements, all bases are covered and my hair and skin feel healthier than ever before. The beauty and well-being capsules also help me sleep, and a bit of soothing oil kick-starts that process nicely.

Now to plan said desert island escape…

Disclaimer: the products featured were gifted to me, but needy skincare issues completely my own.


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