Lumie Light Therapy

Those darker evenings can bring a slump for some, as the seasons change further. Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or simply find the lack of natural light hard to deal with, I recently started looking into ways to create a little lift. Lumie light therapy came high up on the list, with their bodyclocks in particular.

Offered a gifted review sample, I’ve been trialling the Lumie light therapy Bodyclock Spark 100 (£75), which offers light and colour changes for both sunset and sunrise. I placed this soothing clock on our shelving unit, so it can work its magic.

Very easy to set up, it was created using LED technology, and features a digital clock plus light therapy settings. The idea is that you are gently soothed to sleep and awoken the next morning, and I’ve got to say, the light and colour changes have been very therapeutic.

I’m pretty sure that nobody is a fan of being rudely awaken by a loud alarm beeping, and this gradual sunrise is so much nicer. The 30 minute sunrise means the light gradually brightens at your preferred time. A really lovely way to start the day, whatever lies ahead, I can’t recommend this bodyclock enough.

Later, as you wind down for sleep, the sunset option offers you a slow dimming light to soothe. I often find that my mind is going mad by bedtime, full of things I need to do or haven’t achieved that day. If you suffer with the same, you should absolutely check out this bodyclock, as the soft glow quietly dims. Copying the colour of a real sunrise and sunset, you feel a natural calm. Plus, there’s also the standard features such as an alarm and snooze button.

I can honestly say, this clock massively improves my daytime routine.

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