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Something I’m not great at is stopping and learning to reflect. When Wendy O’Beirne, creator of the Notes To Self Journal got in touch, I was intrigued. Working alongside brilliant Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan, Wendy sent over a journal to sample and also, let me in on her own story.

Wendy explains, “Life can be so challenging and emotional and although we increasingly have lots of tips and techniques we can use to get a little clearer and happier, we are not all cut out to sit still and meditate or access stillness on a yoga mat. Journalling not only creates calm but also helps us move forward and create change for ourselves and anything I can do to raise the profile I am up for it!”

Talk of digital detox is everywhere, and if you ask me, this is the ideal place to start. Get the kettle on, grab your comfies and stop. That’s what I’ve been doing anyway. An interactive notebook, Notes To Self Journal covers lots of different sections.

These include space to chart your day, spanning across things you’ve felt grateful for, how much water you’ve drunk, exercise, and also, a part for visualising what you want to achieve. I particularly love the ‘finding your tribe’ and ‘what makes you happy pages’.

With Christmas coming up too, Wendy tells me, “As for that build up.  I say no to loads of things I previously would have gone to and choose to go to events I really want to be at.  It makes December less hectic and actually if you say no from day one you don’t have to get to the day and try and think up an excuse.  I used to think busy meant loved, popular and happy!  It actually just lead to me being skint, tired and a bit fraught actually.”

Really enjoying having a dedicated place to jot down notes, and work on my future achievements, I definitely recommend you joining me too.

Wendy finishes: “If you keep up with anything then let it be your 5 minute time out each day.  Check in with yourself, see how you are feeling and work on your mindset.  Chances are you need to exercise the mindset tools more now than ever and yet it’s the thing that goes out the window the minute we get busier.   My advice is to check in, especially if you are busy.  Taking 5 minutes to have a coffee in peace and think about how you actually feel, what you can do to change those feelings and practice a bit of gratitude will make all the difference.  Those 5 minutes added up over the last few years have completely changed my life.  So stick with it.  You can afford that time, you just have to believe in it’s worth.”

Find out more about Notes To Self Journal (£14.99) here.

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