Slip Silk Hair Scrunchies

A big fan of their pillowcases,  I was excited to discover Slip silk hair scrunchies too. Indulgent and anti-ageing, the brand focus on innovative and deluxe beauty products, with these haircare pals being no different. I swear by my pillowcase which is cooling, soft and oh-so relaxing. Do I sound a bit Mariah-esque, if I tell you I take it away with me too?

Priced at £39 for a pack of three large Slip silk hair scrunchies, these are pink, caramel and black. I’ve taken to keeping them by my bed as they’re great to put your hair up at night or quickly pull it into a ponytail any other time. Sleek and super soft, they really care for your hair and mean a pony without the pulling.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, you can choose between either small or large sized Slip silk hair scrunchies within this set. Because of the material, they also make an updo a bit more extra, if you’re thinking of fancy festive hair. They’d make an excellent Christmas present too. These stunners sure beat that battered scrunchie sitting at the bottom of your bag for last-minute hair tying.

I was gifted these goodies, for the purpose of this post. Brand new bedroom wall colour my own, which I shamelessly wanted to include.


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