Smiggle Christmas

Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been sorting stockings (or trying to get organised, anyway). With the countdown in full swing, the kids were thrilled to be sent a Smiggle Christmas advent calendar each too. There are two 12 Days of Christmas calendars to choose between: Smile and Tricks (both priced at ¬£18). No doubt, other Smiggle Christmas bits and bobs will also be opened on 25th December.

Smile is packed full of jewellery and accessory gifts, which L has absolutely loved. Tricks, as the name suggests, covers sneaky tricks to play, including a nail and bandage combo that Mr T came downstairs wearing the other day, giggling and trying to freak us all out. For research purposes (and not at all because they’re impatient), my kids have raided their Smiggle Christmas calendars before the 12 days actually starts.

Standout favourites so far are a gorgeous bracelet and spiral hair bobble for L, while T is just so excited each night to find out what awaits in the morning. We’ve done it as the first 12 days of December, rather than the 12 days meant, as I wanted to be able to share with you how we’ve found the advent calendars. And the answer to that is, brilliant. Each little gift is a good standalone item, and has brought so much joy to the kids every morning.

In terms of other Christmas ideas, there are pencil cases and scented pens at the top of the list so far. I’m sure that will grow longer as the month goes on…

Advent calendars gifted to us. Cheeky elves (which I forgot to do anything with the other night) our own.

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