The Law of Attraction

This time last year, I wrote down a list of aims and dreams. Along the lines of the law of attraction, I thought putting it out there could definitely help.

And I’ve just looked over my list (which I’d forgotten about to be honest), so thought I’d share it with you. The main law of attraction points were: network in the region and show my presence in the online world via meetups, get a puppy, write a book, pitch more articles and travel.

So interested to glance back at them, it makes me also reflect on what I achieved last year. Plus, it puts further fuel on the fire for what I still want to make happen.

We did indeed get a puppy, although you could say that was more simple action than law of attraction. Making a leap of faith, if you will, as I’ve never had a dog before. And boy, has he enriched my life. Although crazy and hard work, our home is cosier and more complete.

In terms of travelling, myself and pal enjoyed a trip to Marbella, which was very lovely. And this year, a hot family holiday is hopefully on the cards. After being terrified to fly (a sudden fear I seemed to develop post-pregnancies), I now have serious wanderlust again.

Starting with a very honest article in Grazia about my endometriosis journey, I went on to have a busy schedule of other pieces too, including work for Glamour, Fabulous, local North East lifestyle magazine Collection and becoming blog editor for Ancienne Ambiance

Kicking this year off in style, I’ll be talking to a ton of inspirational women at North East networking event Insta Sistas next week, which I’m very excited about.

Just got that book to conquer now…

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