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February can be a bit of a cold and dreary month, can’t it? Not yet very close to spring, my skin is feeling dull and dehydrated. A big fan of the brands covered within this post, L’Occitane, Murad and Skin Alchemists are my go-to luxury hydrating skincare favourites. And they all have some newbies to share with you.

First up for luxurious hydrating skincare is L’Occitane and their Aqua Reotier range. A classic collection, I’ve been getting stuck into the Ultra Thirst – Quenching Gel (£29), Water Gel Cleanser (£19) and the Moisture Prep Essence (£22). Created from the Reotier spring, products are created using this calcium-rich spring water. Refreshing, soothing and super luxe, I am in love. (It is Valentine’s month after all)

And, brand new to the range is their Overnight Mineral Moisture Mask (£32) for optimum hydration. Applying this after using the other beauties, ingredients like hyaluronic acid, the mineral-rich Reotier water and water-binding molecules enrich skin and ensure a soft radiance when you wake. I have sensitive skin which is irritated easily, so when I find a hydrating hero that doesn’t cause a breakout or any kind of reaction, I want to really rave about it. See also: L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream.

There’s an Ultra Thirst – Quenching Day Cream (£29) and Fresh Moisturising Mist (£15) as well in this collection, so they are next on my list.

You may have noticed by now, I’m a devoted Murad girl. So much so, that I’ve also got my sister involved too. When their new Multi-Vitamin Infused Oil arrived, I was very excited to slather it on. Priced at £55, it is an indulgent hydrating skincare buy. But, Murad products are incredible goodies which last ages too, so I do think they’re worth the investment if you’re looking for a treat.

The Multi-Vitamin Infused Oil is complete with a pipette for easy application, and it is non-comedogenic too, meaning no blocked pores and clogged skin. Infused with six key vitamins, your skin will be rejuvenated, hydrated and naturally healthy.

Like other oils, this is a multi-tasker, and I’d recommend using it on cuticles and split hair-ends too. Said sister even popped a bit of the oil on her bump, and found it so comforting.

Last but never least, Skin Alchemists. I am nothing short of obsessed with their Lady Helen Renewing Facial Nectar. It also never fails to makes me smile that we share a name.

Their brand new Sesenne Facial Elixir (£85) is packaged in a box opening like a rose. And the beautiful rose scent is because of the gorgeous Rose Otto and Rose de Mai elements. I take a moment to inhale the divine scent before applying the oil, and it honestly feels like you’re in a natural rose garden.

Softening and soothing on skin, additional healing ingredients include rosehip, chia seed, jasmine, myrrh and so many more natural wonders. Skin Alchemists are an apothecary born from founder Theresa’s childhood in St Lucia, where she discovered the healing properties of plants. With skin stressed from busy city life, Theresa then created Skin Alchemists, using this knowledge and intuition to repair and revive. I’ll toast my elixir to that!

Disclaimer: products pictured were gifted to me as beauty press samples, but all thoughts and sensitive skin my own.

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