Going With Your Gut

The more life I live, the more something seems to occur- how important it is to simply trust good old gut instinct. From friendships to opportunities, challenges and events, within all parts of life, going with your gut will never ever fail you.

I remember making a decision as a teenager, and my mum asking me how it felt. The whole conversation is such a clear memory.

Did said scenario we were discussing give me that stomach-churning feeling? Yes. Did I ignore that feeling, even though I was aware? Again, yes. The situation was a friendship one, and in the end, I got badly hurt. I’m not sure how I could’ve handled it differently, but I still to this day, remember lying on mum’s bed trying desperately to ignore that unease.

And like everybody else, this is something I’m not immune to at nearly 35. But I’m definitely getting better at listening to the finely tuned intuition we all have.

It may not make sense, and your decision could go against the advice of friends or family, but, I genuinely believe that if you listen to your inner voice, you will never go wrong.

Annoyingly, it’s easy to miss above the volume of day-to-day noise, there’s no doubt about that. As a mum of two little ones, this is something I try and instil in them too, and actually by doing that, I remind myself of its importance.

A self-confessed people pleaser, sometimes I have to take a good look at why I’m doing something, and take the stand of putting my head above the parapet, because a situation or relationship just doesn’t sit right with me.

Taking cues based on the approval of others is something I do less and less now, and I feel stronger for it. I always endeavour to be kind and considerate, but that never needs to be to the detriment of yourself.

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