Chopstick Styler Review

I was recently sent an innovative new hair tool to use, the Chopstick Styler. Available in Hero, Long, Chunky and Master, you can pick the style right for your hair.

I got my mitts on a Master Chopstick Styler, designed to create effortless zig zag waves. To talk you through the other options, Hero is for tight curls, Long the same but with longer hair in mind and Chunky focuses on bounce.

The Chopstick Styler comes with a heat-resistant mitt ideal for wrapping curls around the wand while working its magic. Another useful detail is the option to stand your styler on the floor without it directly touching and creating heat damage.

The tool includes oil infusions which are a brilliant added benefit, caring for hair while styling- for example, Brazilian Maracuja oil creates silky smooth curls, Mexican Avocado oil ensures a boost of antioxidants and South American Jojoba oil offers hydration. 

Trying out my new tool, it was so easy to use. And trust me, I’m rubbish at all things hair. Also amazed by how quickly my hair was styled and ready to go, I loosely tonged sections- and think if I’d spent more time I could have created even more volume. The relaxed tousled look is my favourite, with this tool offering that with a Chopstick twist.

A brilliant addition to my haircare repertoire, it’s so purse-friendly too and is priced at £29.99. Suitably impressed, I’m now thinking of snapping up the other curling wand wonders as well.

While we’re on the subject of chopsticks, it’s probably best not to mention the time I visited Nobu and ate with a knife and fork…

The Chopstick Styler featured was gifted to me for the purpose of this review. Available at Argos and


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