Backing Yourself

I started writing years ago, building both my portfolio and experience from a degree in sociology and desire to channel thoughts. I voluntarily wrote book and film reviews for local lifestyle magazines and websites, juggling a chronic illness battle, babies and different jobs at the same time. It would be an internship of sorts, and I made contacts and friendships as well as gathering valuable tools.

A blog was born in 2011, and somewhere along the way, I began getting paid work- my work grew from there. I finally became a self-employed freelancer 7 years ago, and have now written for titles including Grazia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Fabulous and The Independent. Recently feeling a little reflective , I started thinking about the importance of backing myself. That, and watching so much Beyonce Homecoming on Netflix means “a winner don’t quit on themself” is now my daily mantra.

Everybody’s journey is personal to them, but mine is often filled with a decent dose of both crippling self-doubt and forceful determination. It’s a weird combination, and between the pair, I push forward with pitches while paying close attention to detail (AKA overanalysing everything).

I’ll always be proud of the pieces I’ve achieved, the most precious being ones that come from a raw place. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, #BeBodyKind is this year’s theme, so I’ve written a Glamour article about my body image battle. These are the words which matter most to me, as I’ll always treasure the power being vulnerable can harness. And I think as well, that sums up my freelance journey to this point, pretty neatly.


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