After a gorgeous hot weekend in Winchester for a fabulous family wedding last Saturday, we returned to a suddenly much chillier Northumberland.

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Debenhams BTS 1

Well hello there September- I’m just going to go ahead and be that cliched mother who wonders how this has happened? It does seem like only a minute since my minis broke up for their summer hols.

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Brand new to Smiggle are several back to school buys, which the kids got to test out this weekend. My lucky mites were gifted a few pieces, and jumped for joy when our postman dropped them off on Saturday.

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How long does it take from your littlest starting school to when you stop missing them like mad? This is currently the question going round in my head as I ache for my small boy.

We’ve clearly been apart because of work and play throughout his life anyway, but I think it’s the fact he has this totally fixed routine now, that of the school calendar, something which was alien previously. He was so ready to go and I’m busier than ever with freelance work, yet, I still jump for joy as the day comes to an end. View Full Post

T x S 2

Mr T, my youngest babe, starts reception next week. As it was when L began her full time school journey, I feel a total mixture of emotions. I’m somewhere between being excited for him and the next step on his ladder of life and extremely sad that those baby years are over.

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