I heard the other day that one way to get people to trust you is by asking them to do you a favour.

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So the babies are back to school (ok, ok, they’re three and six). Mr T starting nursery today, it made me so emotional to see him in his brand spanking new uniform and smart shoes; sad to lose the toddler years, but happy for him discover an exciting adventure.

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Victoria Coren Mitchell‘s The Voice column is one of my favourite parts of Elle magazine. This month in particular, Victoria’s musings really struck a chord. We Need To Talk About Friendships discusses the importance of updating your friend wardrobe. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve just hit the big 30, but how much friendships make us value ourself feels such an important talking point.

Watching my daughter start the trials and tribulations of tricky school yard relationships, I began wondering what I can teach her from my own experiences. Naturally, when a scathing 4 year old carried out a Mean Girls style attack on L last Summer, all my maternal instincts told me to slap said child across the face with a wet fish.  Realistically though, it is a guarantee that L will come across lovely and loathesome people in equal quantities throughout her entire life. So, my job is in fact to empower her for the future just as much as it is to prevent bad-tempered brats crossing her path. When it comes to categorising friendships, I’ve learnt that each and every one contributes to your own sense of self.

With that in mind, here’s my take on editing friendships, as inspired by Victoria’s column. I’ve chosen to use handbags rather than clothing, and I can tell you it’s no coincidence I got a Mulberry for my birthday. It’s time to chuck out any unused totes or clutches lurking at the back of that closet.

Bag For Life

Not always the most glamorous of friendships, this one has seen it all. She will carry any load, however difficult a time you may be having. As comfy as slippers, you want to take her everywhere with you.

Statement Clutch

You don’t see her that often, but every time you do she brings out the best in you. Her commitment will never be questioned, whether you see her once a month or once a year. An old school leading lady.

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