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Ideal for mamas and mini alike, I’ve recently added the Mini-U Pro Styler brush to de-tangling proceedings. A gentle brush with super soft bristles, its pad is air cushioned for a swift glide through knotted hair. Plus, the rubber handle adds easy grip while you grapple with playing hairdresser. Please tell me I’m not alone in struggling to perfect much else other than a ponytail?

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A few months ago, I worked with Marula UK, collaborating on a beauty vlog. Covering their fantastic Marula Oil, I explored the benefits and multi-purpose effects of this beauty buy. The brand got back in touch recently, keen to work together filming another video. This time sharing information about Marula’s new Deep Moisture Hair Mask, I was very keen to pair up again.

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I don’t know about you, but as the seasons change, so does my hair. Indulging in a Sunday night mask while sloshing back a glass of red fits the bill perfectly for autumn.Maybe even adding in a candle or two, plus overflowing bubble bath of course. View Full Post