It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 11th March, just around the corner. The media is always awash with various Mother’s Day present ideas for weeks running up to it, and treats will of course never be turned away. Especially a FMLY store top.

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My baby girl is 8 tomorrow. I’m currently trying to ignore all the clichéd mum questions in my head of “how did this happen”, “you were only born five minutes ago”, etc etc. View Full Post


Here’s a picture of me at the beginning of chaotic half term week; looking calm, but with lots of help and being hosted by a friend who was supplying copious amounts of caffeine. That motherhood notion of juggling it all and winning? I prefer the idea of trying to work out how best to move forward when we do drop the ball/s, as this mysterious multi-tasking concept seems pretty far fetched and one that I think can breed feelings of inadequacy.

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How long does it take from your littlest starting school to when you stop missing them like mad? This is currently the question going round in my head as I ache for my small boy.

We’ve clearly been apart because of work and play throughout his life anyway, but I think it’s the fact he has this totally fixed routine now, that of the school calendar, something which was alien previously. He was so ready to go and I’m busier than ever with freelance work, yet, I still jump for joy as the day comes to an end. View Full Post


This time of year my inbox is flooded with quick-fix diet ideas for a ‘bikini body’ and it drives me completely and utterly mad.

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